Innovation, Passion and Excellence

Since opening our doors in 1992, the story of Restaurant Partners, Inc. is an inspiring tale of continual innovation, remarkable expansion and a single-minded dedication to the highest of standards in delivering systems, structure and profitability. For nearly 30 years, Restaurant Partners, Inc. (RPI) has been a leader in successful restaurant development, consulting and operational efficiencies delivering the highest profitability outcomes.  

RPI is no novice in the food and beverage industry.  Our company’s depth of industry experience and strong leadership, comprised of recognized senior executives from industry giants like Darden Restaurants, Hard Rock Café, House of Blues and Ritz-Carlton, delivers years of sustained success to every project .  RPI has taken our wealth of experience and delivered practical, actionable solutions to every client and as a result, has helped restaurateurs across the country refine, develop and operate successful and profitable Food & Beverage operations.  We “Walk the Talk” in our consulting approach and commitment to positive, measurable results.  As owners and operators of a diverse collection of restaurants, RPI knows the intricacies of day to day management, staffing challenges, refining operational expenses and creating a comfortable, enticing experience for for each and every guest.

Our passion for this industry is fueled by the excitement of the ever-changing culinary landscape. The pace of change in the culinary market continues to accelerate every day, and our team’s agility allows us the ability to recognize and stay ahead of the trends. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the changes and shifts to ensure we’re always delivering what guests need and want from their culinary experience.

What sets RPI apart in the competitive restaurant market is how we customize solutions to meet the needs of our clients’ vision for their business. We do not provide a one size fits all solution, rather a hand-crafted and distinct recipe for success. We listen to what our client needs, consider their objectives and goals, identify opportunities for improvement and present strategic solutions customized to ensure success. We truly believe in being a collaborative partner to our clients and love to help our clients bring their vision to life.

Principles of success


We will always maintain the highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior when dealing with clients and each other.


We will always error on the side of giving our clients and guests more than they pay for.


We will not lose sight of our families or personal enjoyment as we build our business successfully.

Give Back

We will share some of the rewards of our hard work with our community.